If you have a website and you are unsure of what to write about, then let Writers pitch ideas for you! This is easy to do on the Scripted platform.

For example, let’s say you run a blog about restaurants in New York City. You are open to publishing 3-10 posts per month, but you don’t have any specific writers or topics in mind.

We can start by creating a broadly scoped project that is intended to live beyond one or two jobs.

For the title of our project, let’s use something simple like:

"Propose your job ideas about Restaurants in NYC."

When it comes to word count, make sure to select the option that prompts writers to propose a word count with their job idea.

In the Content Brief, include some general guidelines about the type of content you'd like to include on your blog as well as the URL. Keep in mind, it's okay for this content brief to be vague as long as the writers some direction to work with. For example:

“We are seeking blog ideas from writers around the subject of ‘Restaurants in NYC. Review our blog at www.exampleblog.com. Please propose something that fits our style!”

Finally, we recommend setting the project to public visibility in order to receive proposals from writers you do not know. Plus, if you already have some good writers in mind, you can always invite them to the project!

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