To get the most out of Scripted, we recommend building a stable of trusted writers that deliver content with the tone and cadence that best represents your business.

Already worked with some awesome writers on Scripted? The next step is to Favorite them, to ensure they're easily accessible to invite to any new Projects you start.

On your dashboard, navigate to Your Writers and you'll find the ability to review writers you've already worked with. Next to their name, click the profile icon and you'll be able to add or remove them to your Favorites.

You'll find the same function available if you search for Writers using the Browse Writers function. This can also be done at any time when viewing a Writer's profile, using the same icon located next to their name.

After creating a new project, the following screen will automatically suggest your favorited writers list to choose from. Or, you can click Your Writers on the left column and click the "Favorited Writers" tab to invite them at any time.

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