Extending Writer Deadlines

From time to time, your Writer may have their back against the wall and find themselves unable to submit the job by the deadline. In these cases, the Writer will typically send you a message requesting a job extension.

Bear in mind that you are not required to grant the extension! In fact, if you absolutely must have the job delivered by that exact deadline, contact us immediately and we'll get the situation sorted for you.

However, if you don't mind granting an extension, you can simply click the job on your dashboard and you'll find the option to Adjust Deadline available just below the Job Title. Please note that you can only extend jobs that are currently in the Writer's possession.

Extending Review Deadlines

Similarly, there may be times where you need just a little more time to review that draft you've received. If that's the case, send a message over to the Writer letting them know you need an extension and, as long as the job is in their possession, they can extend it for you!

Note that Messages can be accessed at anytime by clicking the job on your dashboard and navigating to the Messages tab.

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