One of the best parts of Scripted is that our Writers genuinely want to provide you with the best possible content to drive your business. Thankfully, there's a lot of ways you can ensure they have all the information they'll need and that your experience will be as smooth as possible!

Informative Content Briefs

The single most important piece of information your writer needs is the Content Brief and this is where you'll want to focus most of your attention when placing an order. Is there any published content that you think mirrors the direction you'd like to take your own? Any must-read information that the Writer will need to successfully complete the piece? Provide links!

Another important thing to consider is that providing the Writer with information you don't want included in your Content is just as important as the information you do! If you'd like the Writer to avoid mentioning competitors, focusing on niche aspects of a broad topic or simply just want to keep things family friendly, you'll want to note that as well in your Content Brief

Communicating With Your Writer

Developing a rapport with your Writers, especially ones you've favorited, is a great way to ensure you'll receive strong, consistent content with a Writer who truly understands your brand. You'll note the ability to message with the writer is available on Scripted and this a powerful tool you can use to focus on fine points and field any further questions about the Content Brief. You can also discuss possible angles for future pieces and even negotiate pricing before placing your order.

Requesting Revisions

No one's perfect. But you'll be able to get much closer to perfection by requesting revisions from your writer after receiving your first draft. Try to communicate to the writer where the piece went astray or note anything you'd like them to expand upon. Just as with your Content Brief, the more information you provide, the better understanding the Writer will have.

While these are just a few tips to get the most out of Scripted, our Support team is always standing by to assist you with any further questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out at any time, we're happy to help.

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