What are Writer Tiers?

Scripted Writers are sorted into Tiers that represent accomplishments on the platform and are eligible to go up or down tiers, if they meet certain qualifications.

All new writers begin at the default tier of Bronze.

What are the benefits for each tier?

In addition to a badge on your portfolio that signifies your current tier, each tier comes with certain restrictions or benefits. You can view the full list below:

What is the processing fee?

For writers on the Bronze and Silver tiers, Scripted charges a processing fee for the jobs you find on the platform which mitigates costs. Gold Tier writers and higher are rewarded with no processing fees.

How do I view my current tier?

You can view your current tier, as well as any benefits on your Portfolio.

How do I advance to the next tier?

Tiers are determined by your ability to produce high quality content over a period of time. Your performance will be evaluated periodically based on the following criteria:

In the event that your account qualifies for an upgrade, the Writer Community Manager will reach out via email to notify you.

Are Writer Tiers visible to clients?

All tiers with the exception of Bronze are visible to clients as a badge on your profile, but we've designed the tier system so that this won’t restrict your ability to win jobs. Gold and Platinum writers usually have repeat relationships with clients and full schedules, so you won’t be in direct competition often. There are also benefits to hiring Silver tier writers that are more attractive to certain clients. Additionally, the system is designed to offer work to Bronze and Silver writers while they're still getting started.

Is It Possible To Lose My Standing?

Bronze and Silver accounts are reviewed every thirty days to determine whether they are eligible for promotion. Upon reaching Gold or Platinum, accounts are reviewed on a 90 day basis and Gold and Platinum accounts maintain that status for 90 days. If you haven’t been active on the platform or have underperformed, it is possible to lose your current ranking.

In the case of Rejected content, the rejection will be subject to internal review which will determine whether it impacts your tier level.

Where do I take the SEO Training Course?

The SEO Training Course is made available to Writers after their first 30 day review.

What are Scripted Premium Accounts?

At the Platinum level, you’ll gain access to Scripted Premium Accounts, which are high level accounts that are managed by Scripted Staff. They require a higher level of research and consistency, but offer a greater volume of work in return.

I think I should be at a higher rank. Whom can I speak to about this?

While all accounts will be reviewed in a rolling 30/90 day window, it’s possible we may have overlooked something! Please reach out to us directly at support@scripted.com

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