You may have noticed that Scripted Writers have different badges next to their names. Let's review what these mean and what benefits they bring to you on your search for the right fit for your next project.

What Do The Tiers Mean?

Writer Tiers signify the Writer's accomplishments on the Scripted platform. It's important to note that Tiers do not represent the Writer's professional abilities or qualifications to write about the topic of your choice. These are merely a representation of what the Writer has done on Scripted.

Silver: This tier represents the top 30% of Scripted Writers. Silver Writers must go through a review of their first 30 days on the platform and have well-reviewed content in order to qualify for Silver.

Gold: This tier represents the top 15% of Scripted Writers. These writers have undergone a review of the last 90 days on the platform and completed an SEO proficiency training course. They've demonstrated high-level writing abilities and worked with a large number of clients.

Platinum: This tier represents the top 5% of Scripted Writers and is the highest tier available. These writers have typically completed a very high number of jobs on the platform, demonstrated exceptional writing ability and have been hand selected by Scripted staff.

Bronze writers also exist, but do not have a badge next to their name. Bronze Writers are often still in their first 30 days of using Scripted, but don't let this deter you from hiring them! Each Scripted Writer is vetted thoroughly before they're given access to the platform and while a Writer may only be on the Bronze tier, they may have decades of experience.

Am I Limited To Certain Tiers Depending On My Membership?

No. All Scripted Members have access to writers in every Writer Tier and there are no restrictions at this time.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Working Writers In A Certain Tier?

There are no drawbacks to working with Writers in any tier. As previously mentioned, all Scripted Writers are thoroughly vetted and tiers do not reflect their level of professional experience, only their accomplishments on the Scripted platform.

Writers on higher tiers may charge higher prices, but this is solely dependent on the Writer, as Scripted allows them to choose their own rates.

Can I Endorse A Writer For A Tier?

Sure! We love hearing feedback about our Writers and we'll be certain to include it on that Writer's next assessment for tier eligibility. If you have feedback, or any questions or concerns at all, feel free to reach out to us at

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