As you submit orders and browse our writers you'll notice that they're separated into Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. These tiers do not represent professional aptitude, as all writers are expected to meet a baseline ability before they're even accepted as writers. Rather, they represent how prolific and accomplished a writer is on Scripted specifically!

Silver: This tier represents the top 30% of Scripted Writers. Silver Writers must go through a review of their first 30 days on the platform and have well-reviewed content in order to qualify for Silver.

Gold: This tier represents the top 15% of Scripted Writers. These writers have undergone a review of the last 90 days on the platform and completed an SEO proficiency training course. They've demonstrated high-level writing abilities and worked with a large number of clients.

Platinum: This tier represents the top 5% of Scripted Writers and is the highest tier available. These writers have typically completed a very high number of jobs on the platform, demonstrated exceptional writing ability and have been hand selected by Scripted staff.

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