What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA, is a security mechanism that requires an individual to provide additional validation to properly authenticate identity, making your access to Sea/ more secure. At its heart, MFA is simply a way to help ensure that the person trying to log into a resource is who they say they are, by going beyond the username and password alone.

Setting up MFA for the first time

When setting up MFA for the first time, you will be shown the following screen:

Clicking 'SET UP NOW' will present you with 2 options, SMS (text message) or Authenticator app verification:

Option 1 - SMS (text message)

Should you choose the option on the left, SMS, you will be prompted to enter your number after selecting your country from the dropdown seen within the red rectangle in the image below:

Once the number is entered and you click 'CONTINUE', you will be asked to repeat the 6 digit code from the text message that was sent to your mobile device:

Upon successful verification you will be directed to your Sea/ home page.

Option 2 - Authenticator app

Should you choose the option on the right, APP, you will need to select and download either the 'Microsoft Authenticator' OR 'Google Authenticator' application on your mobile device:

Once the correct app is selected (within the red rectangle in the image above) then click on 'CONTINUE'. The next screen will present you with a QR code:

Open the authenticator application that you installed on your mobile device (Microsoft Authenticator OR Google Authenticator).

For Microsoft Authenticator you will need to click on the '+' at the top right of the screen, select 'Work or school account', and hold the camera of your mobile device up to the QR code shown on the screen:

For first time Google Authenticator users, you will need to click on 'BEGIN SETUP' and 'Scan barcode'. If you already use Google Authenticator then you will be clicking on the '+' at the top right and then 'Scan barcode':

Select "CONTINUE' on the Sea/ screen after adding scanning the QR code from either option, enter the 6 digit code provided by your authenticator application and select 'VERIFY'. If successfully logged then you will be be taken to your Sea/ home page.

What if I forgot my phone or can't access it?

If you don't have your phone on you then you can contact Sea/ support through chat, phone, or email support@sea.live. We will need to manually verify your identity so an email with a verification code will be sent to your inbox, in which you will have to read back. Multi-factor authentication will be temporarily disabled upon successful verification.

What if I have a new phone?

If you obtained a new phone recently then multi-factor authentication will have to be reset. Send an email to support@sea.live requesting to do so and we will proceed with the reset process as soon as we manually verify your identity through email.

What if I don't remember the SMS code or haven't received it?

If you don't remember the SMS verification code then click on 'RE-SEND CODE' to have a new code generated and sent:

If you still haven't received a text then contact Sea/ support.

What if I want to change my multi-factor authentication option?

Should you choose to switch from SMS to Authenticator app or vice versa, then:

  1. Navigate to Sea/ Preferences in your Sea/ home page:

2. Scroll down the 'Multi-factor authentication' section and click on 'Click here':

You will be redirected to the initial multi-factor authentication screen.

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