What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie account

  2. More than one uploaded file

Step 1 - Understanding Playlists

A Searchie Playlist is a curated list of Searchie files that you can share with your audience. Playlists can be shared through the Playlist URL, embedded in another platform, or added to a Hub.

Step 2 - Navigating to the Library tab

Click the Library tab in your account's navigation bar.

Step 3 - Create a new Playlist

Click to expand the Playlists menu. Create a new Playlist by clicking the blue + button. You will be prompted to enter a Playlist name (you can change this later), click Create Playlist when you're done.

Step 4 - Add Media to the Playlist

First things first, you'll want to add content into your Playlist.

Click to open your new Playlist and click + Add Content to populate your Playlist.

You can add content in a few different ways:

If you're adding content from your Library, you can select what files inside a Folder you want to add to your Playlist.

Step 5 - Sort the Playlist

Once the Playlist has been populated with some content, check out the sorting options to arrange the media however you like. The file at the top will appear first when your audience views the Playlist.

Step 6 - Finish customizing the Playlist

After sorting your Playlist, you can edit your Playlist's name and description.

Click on the Settings icon to configure your Playlist's settings and customizations.

This is where you can:

  • Create or upload a Thumbnail for your Playlist

  • Automate your Playlist to pull in content in a specific Folder or with a specific File Tag

  • Adjust your Playlist's Privacy settings

  • Track your Playlist's performance using Activity and Stats

Step 7 - Share your Playlist

Click on the Share icon to Share your Playlist by:

What You Can Do Now

  1. Build a Hub

  2. Analyze the performance of this Playlist

  3. Automate this Playlist with a Folder or some tags

  4. Turn this Playlist into a podcast feed

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