What You Will Need

  1. A Kajabi Account and Website

  2. A Kajabi Product

  3. An embedded Widget or Player

NOTE: This guide is meant to exemplify the type of customization that is available in Kajabi to help improve the visibility of an embedded Searchie feature.

Step 1 - Customize a Product in your Kajabi account

From your Kajabi dashboard, click "Products" and then select the Product you would like to customize.


Click "Customize" at the top of the page, and again click "Customize" after hovering over the preview of your site on the next page.

Step 2 - Switch to the Post customization view

In the bottom-left corner of the next page, we're going to switch the view so that we are customizing how a Post is arranged. From this point on in the guide, we'll follow a very specific way to transform a Kajabi post so that the Searchie Widget, Player, or Playlist embedded in the body of that Post is prominently displayed. It's entirely optional, and you might find that another configuration works best for your business, so definitely spend some time playing around with the other options available.


Step 3 - Remove the Post Player and centre your content

Select "Post Player" from the sidebar on the left and click "None" under "Player Type" to remove the default Kajabi media player from a post. This will instantly bump up the position on any tool you've embedded in the body of the post.


Hit "Save", navigate back to the previous view, and select "Post Body" to start editing the next aspect of the Post.


First, centre your Post Body content, and then go into the "Post Info" section to make some changes in there. Toggle off "Show Category" to increase visibility again, hit "Save", and navigate once more back to the main view to customize your post.


(Optional) Step 4 - Remove the Sidebar from your Post

You may want to keep the sidebar in your post if you plan on following the guide for Using a CTA Button to add a Searchie Widget to your Sidebar, but some users enjoy the priority you can give to the media player by removing the sidebar entirely.

Let's remove the sidebar of your post, click "Post Sidebar" from the main view and then toggle off the "Show Sidebar" checkbox.



The result of all these changes is a post that allows you to embed a Searchie tool at the top and centre of each page.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Embed a Searchie tool or feature into a Kajabi Post (Player embedding guide)

  2. Build a Playlist

  3. Customize the Player Settings for your media

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