What You Will Need

  1. Searchie Account

  2. Zoom Account on a Pro Plan or Higher

  3. Some cloud-recorded videos on Zoom

Step 1 - Navigate to the connection

From your Apps page, find and click on Zoom.

Step 2 - Connect your account

Click Add Zoom Account and make sure you are logged in to Zoom at this step.

If you aren't already signed into your Zoom account you will be prompted to login. Zoom will now request access to your account. Click Allow once you've read through what is being authorized.

Step 3 - Confirm the account is connected

This is what it should look like if your account is added correctly.

Step 4 - Add Media (and Auto-Process)

As Zoom does not have internal folders, media from this connection will populate in an auto-generated Folder in your Library. You will need to click Import on any recordings you wish to process into your account.

OPTIONAL: You can Auto-Process the folder to skip this step for future recordings. This will create a copy of this file in your Searchie account and also generate the transcription. New recordings will automatically be added to this Folder.

NOTE: Zoom Recordings that are 6 months or older will not show up in Searchie. This is a limitation with the Zoom API.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Embed or share your Zoom recordings anywhere online

  2. Automate a playlist with your recordings

  3. Proofread a recording transcript

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