What You Will Need

  1. Folder in Searchie

  2. Searchie Account

  3. A video/audio file on your computer

Step 1 - Find the media file on your computer

Locate the video file you want to upload and have it ready in your local drive.

Step 2 - Navigate to the Library tab in Searchie

Access your Library from your account's navigation bar.

Step 3 - Choose the Folder to upload to

From here, select what folder you would like to upload your file to, or create a new one using the blue button shown on the top-right. You can change the Folder location of the file after upload as well.

Once inside your selected Folder, click the blue + button on the top right to get started with the file upload process.

Step 4 - Upload the media

Click on the blue rectangle in the middle of the screen to open your file browser and begin uploading your file. Click Upload at the bottom of the screen to start the uploading process. You can even upload multiple files at once.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Customize your file in the File Manager.

  2. Edit your file's Transcript.

  3. Add the file into your Hub.

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