Understand the use case

The Apps tab inside of your Searchie account is home to applications such as Searchie Chrome Extension, Stripe, Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook, Wistia, Google Drive, OneDrive, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts. You can also create and manage your Widgets inside of your Apps tab.

You can access your Apps by clicking on the Apps tab from your account's navigation bar.

Explore and install new Apps

Explore all the potential applications you can install by clicking on Explore Apps.

This is where you're able to view what apps you have and have not connected to your Searchie account. Any installed apps will appear with a green checkmark.

You can click on any application to create and control that application's connection to your Searchie account.

Once you install an application, this is where you'll be able to select specific folders to import, refresh your connection, or remove a connection.

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