To start, log in to with your email and password.

Step One

Under Lot Administration, click on Manage Lots

Step Two

On the Manage Lots page, click on Whitelist/Blacklist Plates

Step Three

To add a new plate, click on Add Plate to List in the top right-hand corner

Step Four

Under Plate:, enter in the license plate number (no spaces).
If the plate is allowed to park on the lot at any time (such as employees), check off "Allow" as the access.
If they are not allowed to register for parking (such as residents), check off "Deny" as the access.
Name and Reason are not required, but can be filled out for better tracking purposes.
Once you're finished, click Save

Step Five

Plates can be edited or deleted from this page at any time. A search can also be run from the top Find/Search button. 

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