No, it is no advised to use regular trash bags with SEM paper shredders. They are very thin and will pop or tear very easily. To find out which bags go with your SEM paper shredder, read on. 

Depending on your product, there are a few different locations where you can find the correct waste bags for your product.

On the device product page

To start, every product page on our website has an "Options and Accessories" drop down menu where the correct bags, oil, and other consumables are listed. Simply find the product you're inquiring about on the website and scroll down until you see the blue accordion drop down menu, pictured below.

On the consumable page of the website

A list of all consumables by category can also be found on the website. To see a list of  paper shredder supplies, click here. This can be found under "Devices - Supplies and Consumables" from the drop down menu on the SEM homepage

Let us know directly

Having trouble finding the product, or have a legacy model you don't see listed on the site anymore? Feel free to contact us at

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