Why did you send me a shredder with a European plug? While it may look like a European plug chances are that the plug you're looking at is not, unless you are in fact in Europe. 

Most electrical machines can be plugged into a standard 15 AMP outlet. That “funny-looking plug” on your shredder is a 20 AMP plug, similar to what a clothes dryer or stove would use. Several of our larger capacity shredder models (266/4, 266P, 5140C/4, 5141P, 0201OMD, 0202OMD and more) come equipped with this plug that has one vertical prong, one T-shaped prong, and a ground prong. These larger shredders need that extra power that the 20 AMPs provides.

If you don’t have a 20 AMP outlet, don’t fret just yet. Many commercial buildings already have 20 AMPs of power going to each outlet. Contact a licensed electrician or your building superintendent to test your power and, if it is sufficient, the 15 AMP receptacle can be switched for a 20 AMP one.

If you need additional information, reach out to us at contact@semshred.com for more information.

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