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S2ME Email Template Version 1
S2ME Email Template Version 1

Share S2Me with your workforce to raise their level of security savviness

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Good morning/afternoon,

The news is overrun with stories of individuals and families who have had their personal information compromised. In the interest of preventing these types of incidents, we are excited to announce that <Organization Name> is offering a new benefit to its employees. We are partnering with S2Me, a tool that you can use to assess your personal security savvy. 

With the unique link below, you can register for an account with your personal email, giving you all the benefits of S2Me for free!

<URL from S2Team>

Those benefits include an easy, online assessment of you and your family’s security savvy. Once your initial assessment is complete, you will get a personalized list of recommendations for improvement. This account belongs to you permanently, and over time you can update your answers and earn achievement badges! Your recommendations will dynamically keep pace with your progress. 

Please note that all information you enter in S2Me belongs solely to you. <Organization Name> will not have access to your individual results. 

We hope you make use of this free service. We all benefit when we take the proper precautions to protect ourselves at work and at home. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. 

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