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Threat Monitoring
Threat Monitoring

SecurityStudio is bringing you real time threat monitoring.

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Subscribe for threat monitoring and complete the 360° security view of your employees.

How does it work?

SecurityStudio runs your registered employees emails against known breaches. You can subscribe for email notifications or use the Threat Monitoring tab to track breach activity.

Why is it important to track this?

A breach doesn't automatically signal a catastrophe for the affected employees (and your organization) but it should still be taken seriously. Over time, compromised data accumulates and gives bad parties inroads into your organization.

What should I do with a threat notice?

When you receive a threat notice, we recommend that you sign in and read the details of the breach. Each breach will include the following information:

  • Breach name

  • Breach details

  • Breach date

  • Affected employees

  • Compromised data

Sort the list or use the search bar to narrow in on specific breaches or employees. Inform the affected employees and direct them to log into the account for the breached site and change their password.

PLEASE NOTE: Employees registered for S2Me can subscribe and unsubscribe for their own threat monitoring emails. Their threat monitoring is, of course, specific to their email address.

How can I make use of this information?

You will never be able to prevent breaches altogether but you can improve the odds for your organization.

  1. Set guidelines for what types of sites are acceptable to use

  2. Forbid the use of work emails for personal accounts

  3. Emphasize strong and unique password creation

  4. Consider a reputable password manager that can help support strong and unique passwords

Finally, act quickly to minimize the impact of breaches by encouraging your employees to change their credentials for breached sites.

How can I make it stop?

If you prefer not to get threat monitoring emails, just log into S2Team and turn off these notices.

You cannot turn off notices that go directly to the individual employees from S2Me. They can do so, themselves, from the threat monitoring email sent to them or by logging into S2Me and clicking unsubscribe.

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