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A Solution for Remote Workforces
A Solution for Remote Workforces

Learn how S2Team can create a more secure remote workforce

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Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, information security for remote work generally followed a traditional approach.

Most remote workers were specially cleared for remote work due to specific job requirements or unique, extenuating circumstances. In most cases, a remote work policy existed, and workers were informed of the policy before being officially cleared for remote work.

This provided an opportunity for organizations to train remote workers on proper procedures to protect the organization's assets.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations shifted the majority of their employees to remote work. This was done quickly and did not allow for organizations to follow the more traditional approach detailed above.

The traditional approach was not designed to accommodate a sudden shift of an entire workforce to mandatory remote work. This situation was characterized by reduced oversight, low employee motivation, and decision-making based on assumptions rather than training.

Remote workforces are not going away. S2Me and S2Team work in combination to provide an information security approach more suited to this new reality.

S2Me -

  • Expands scope to include family and other household members

  • Motivates employees to learn and adopt good habits for their own benefit

  • Ties risky behavior to personal outcomes they can understand

  • Identifies and prescribes treatment for standout areas of weakness

S2Team -

  • Applies the same approach to all employees, regardless of past experience

  • Gathers factual data for informed decision-making

  • Points training initiatives towards the weakest security habits

S2Me and S2Team empower organizations to maintain and improve information security effectiveness for their organization overall by recognizing that the line between work and home doesn't exist anymore.

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