SeedInvest was founded on the premise that access to startup investments should be given to everyone. Since the founding of SeedInvest, we have been involved in working with regulators and lawmakers to allow individuals that do not qualify as Accredited Investors to participate in startup investing. However, certain requirements and limitations do continue to exist depending on the specific set of rules and regulations a company is using (Reg D, Reg CF, or Reg A+) for their fundraising campaign on SeedInvest. Under the more traditional Reg D raises, users must meet the criteria for an Accredited Investor.

However, under Reg CF and Reg A+, all users can participate in an offering (i.e., not just users who are Accredited Investors) although there exist some restrictions as to how much one can invest based on one's income and/or net worth. While SeedInvest facilitates all such offering exemptions, the majority of fundraising campaigns are conducted under the Reg A+ and/or Reg CF exemptions to allow for non-accredited users to participate. Users can learn more about the different offering exemptions here (

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