Auto Invest was designed to be a passive portfolio building tool for those looking to more easily build a diversified portfolio of startup investments. Rather than selecting and funding investments on a one-off basis, investors participating in this program instead pre-fund their Auto Invest account and then are automatically invested in qualifying startups on a go-forward basis.

The minimum commitment to join Auto Invest is an initial deposit of $1,000, which equates to five $200 investments (regardless of any given company’s stated investment minimum). There are no additional fees to join or use Auto Invest other than our usual transaction fees that apply to all investments on our platform. You can also pause, stop, and start at any time without penalty and - very importantly - retain the right to opt-out of any individual company you may not want in your portfolio.

Please just keep in mind that Auto Invest is not meant for investors who are primarily looking to actively pick and choose each and every one of their investments. In other words, if there is a company you “have to have” in your portfolio, Auto Invest may not be the right option for you as you cannot direct capital toward specific companies through this program.

With that being said, given the importance of diversification you might consider allocating a portion of your capital to Auto Invest while reserving the remainder to specifically invest in companies that you are particularly attracted to (in fact many of our Auto Invest participants make one-off investments as well).

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