There are actually a few ways you can go about converting your reservation into an investment, though please note you will first need to be logged into your SeedInvest account:

  1. If you received an email from us inviting you to confirm your investment, you can simply click on the link in the email labeled “Confirm Your Investment”.

  2. You can also navigate directly to the company’s fundraising profile page on and click the blue box near the top right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Finally, you can also confirm your investment via the “Activity” tab in your Investor Account. You can navigate there by clicking your initials at the top right corner of any page when logged into your account and selecting the investor account you used to make your reservation. Once in your investor account, please navigate to the "Activity" to convert your reservation.

A couple things to note when it comes to converting your reservation:

  • If you would like to invest an amount that is different from that which you reserved, you can do so by clicking the button that reads “I’d like to edit my investment.” located towards the bottom of the confirmation page.

  • Though you already inputted and/or selected a funding method when making your reservation, your investment will not be funded until you confirm your investment.

Finally, if you’re no longer interested in investing feel free to cancel your reservation using these steps:

  1. Click your initials at the top right corner of any page when logged into your account

  2. Select the Investor Account associated to your investment

  3. Navigate to the “Activity” tab

  4. Find your investment, and then click "cancel"

  5. You will need to confirm your cancellation by typing in the company's name and clicking “confirm”

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