New Direction Trust Company (NDTCO) is our custodial partner that holds the majority of shares purchased on SeedInvest. An NDTCO account was automatically generated at the time that your first investment was processed. SeedInvest does not provide custody services in connection with any investments made through the platform. All customer support and account activity at NDTCO is facilitated through the SeedInvest platform. You can see the investments that are in your account at NDTCO on your SeedInvest Portfolio page. All your account information at NDTCO is on your Account Details page. In the event that companies you have invested in have a distribution and/or cash is issued to you, you will be able to withdraw those funds from your Investor Account on SeedInvest.

While the majority of investments made through SeedInvest are custodied at NDTCO, some investments are held directly. Directly held investments are those that are custodied and held directly at the companies in which the investments have been made.

Investments can be directly held due to their size, a company’s specifications, or for various other reasons. Shares custodied at NDTCO and shares held directly at a company are largely the same in terms of the stock itself and corresponding shareholder rights. One major difference between these situations is that for directly held shares, the company, and not SeedInvest, is responsible for providing important tax documentation, distributions, and other share management services such as the transfer of your shares.

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