Connection Issues (Add-on)

How to resolve errors in establishing a connection

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Note: Many connection issues are due to your databases firewall. If you're having trouble connecting, we highly recommend using our web app because you don't need to whitelist any IP addresses to get started.

  1. SeekWell uses JDBC to connect to your database

  2. You'll need to make your database available to Google's IPs, here are the ranges (source). The last IP is an address dedicated to SeekWell on Google's infrastructure that is used for scheduling and Postgres support.

  3. Here's an example of how an AWS security group would look for SQL Server:

  4. You can paste the string below into one box on AWS and it will automatically create the ranges you need:,,,,,,,,,,,​/32

If you're not using Google Cloud SQL, you also need to include all the IP's between 0 and 255. - - - - - - - - - -


Here's an example with MySQL on AWS:

  1. You may want to create a new user if your database has personal information (e.g. customer names and addresses). You can grant this new user access to just the necessary data

  2. If you are trying to access a local database (i.e. on your computer), check out this Stack Overflow answer

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