1. Launch the app here.

  2. Select "Snowflake" under "Flavor"

To connect to to Snowflake with SeekWell, you'll need:

  • Account Name

  • Region

  • Warehouse

  • Database

  • Username

  • Password

  • Schema (optional)

  • Role (optional)

Here's how to find these values in a Snowflake worksheet

In the URL, you'll find your Account Name (abcd1234 in our example) and your Region (us-east-1 ). If you don't see a region, it means you're in default region of us-west-1 

You can find your Database and Warehouse by clicking the Databases and Warehouses icons

And your Username and Role can be found in the top right

Using JDBC? Here's how to use your existing connection string


In the example above:

  • Account Name = xy12345

  • Region = eu-central-1 (if this is missing, it means you're in us-west-1)

  • Username = peter

  • Warehouse = mywh

  • Database = mydb

  • Schema = public

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