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Ship Orders with Sellbrite
Ship Orders with Sellbrite

Learn how to fulfill orders by creating shipping labels in Sellbrite.

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Orders can be processed and shipped directly from Sellbrite. Once an order is marked Ready to Ship, you can create the shipping label. Tracking Information will appear in the Shipments section for the order and will be updated on the originating channel, automatically.


Order Eligibility

To ship an order in Sellbrite, go to your Orders tab, and find your orders in the Ready to Ship section.

Click into an order to view the Order Details page. At the top of the page, you'll see a button to Create Shipping Label.

For each item in the order, you'll see the Ships From warehouse from which Sellbrite has pulled inventory for this order. Your order items must be assigned to a warehouse in order for the Create Shipping Label button to be active, otherwise it will be grayed out. Show me more

You'll also see the fulfillment speed and originating sales channel.


Add Shipping Carriers (FedEx/UPS)

To create shipping labels in Sellbrite via a shipping carrier other that USPS (i.e. FedEx or UPS), you will need to add your carrier account information. Any labels you purchase will simply be charged to the carrier account you've added.

To add your shipping carrier accounts, go to the Settings > Shipping Carriers page, and choose the carrier you wish to add. Enter the requested information and click the Add Account button.


Add USPS Postage Funds

In order to purchase USPS shipping labels from Sellbrite, you'll first need to add funds to your Postage Wallet (not required for FedEx or UPS labels). But before you can add funds, you must have a valid credit card on file (go to the Payment Info page to add your credit card).

To add funds to your Postage Wallet, visit the Settings > Postage Wallet page:


Add Funds: One-Time Purchase

Add funds to your wallet with a one-time charge to your credit card by simply choosing the amount you want to add from the dropdown and clicking the Purchase button.

Funds can be added in amounts as little as $25, up to as much as $5,000. Any amount less than $100 will include a $0.50 transaction fee.

You can also add funds to your Postage Wallet right from the Create Label window:

You simply click the dropdown and select the amount of funds you wish to add to your Postage Wallet:


Add Funds: Automatic Purchase

You can also have Sellbrite automatically add funds to your postage wallet when your balance falls below a specified amount with an automatic credit card purchase.

Simply enable the Automatic Purchase option on the Postage Wallet page, choose the amount you want to add and the minimum balance for when to add it, and then click Save.


Create Shipping Labels

Once you click the Create Shipping Label button, a popup will appear so you can enter the following shipping information:


1. Package Information:

Select a pre-defined package type from the dropdown, or choose to use your own packaging and enter the dimensions. Dimensions and weight will automatically be populated in this section if your product already has the dimensions and weight saved in the Products page of Sellbrite.


2. Ship From:

This step will be automatically skipped if the information is already saved in your Warehouse Locations (see add the physical location to your warehouses). Otherwise, you can enter the Ship From information here, and choose the option at the bottom to save the info back to your warehouse location for future use.


3. Ship To:

Confirm the "Ship To" location is accurate and you can proceed to Get Rates. Residential Address will be automatically selected for you if the Ship To address does not contain a company name.


4. Select Shipping Rate:

First, choose the Label Format that best suites your printer and label setup. Your choice will be remembered for next time. Then, simply choose which shipping label option you want to purchase by clicking the Buy Label button.

: If you wish to change the size of your shipping label, you can make that size selection in the "Label Format" drop-down menu before you purchase the label.  

Your shipping label will be available to view and print or download, once the transaction is successful.

: To change the orientation of a shipping label (portrait/vertical or landscape/horizontal), you will need to select Portrait or Landscape in your printer settings when you go to print.

Once your postage is purchased, you'll see your shipment added to the order in the Shipments section. If you need to view your label again, you can click the View Shipping Label link. The order itself will move into the Shipping section of the Orders tab and then into Completed, once Sellbrite updates the originating channel of the order.


Refund (Cancel) Shipping Labels

Sometimes a shipping label is created in error. In that case, you can easily cancel/refund the shipping label from Sellbrite, as long as the shipment has not yet been sent out.

Open the order, and scroll down to your shipments. You will see an option to Cancel Shipment on the left of the shipment info. Clicking Cancel Shipment will refund the postage back to your account, as well as cancel the shipment on the originating order.

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