Sellbrite offers a robust integration with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). You can list products from your FBA inventory to other sales channels you connect to Sellbrite, you can also sync your FBA stock levels to listings on any channel, and fulfill orders from any channel using your FBA inventory.

How it Works

Once you enable your FBA account in Sellbrite, a few things will immediately happen:

  • Sellbrite will automatically create a new Warehouse Location for your FBA inventory.

  • Your FBA inventory will begin importing into Sellbrite automatically.

  • Your Amazon FBA Orders will begin importing into Sellbrite.

If you have products in your catalog with the same SKUs as your FBA items, the FBA inventory will be added to those products. If not, then new products will be automatically created for you.

Warehouse Locations for Fulfillment

For each one of your sales channels, you can specify which warehouse locations to use for fulfillment (and inventory syncing). By default, all warehouse locations are enabled for all of your sales channels.

To change which warehouse locations are available for fulfillment on a sales channels, go to the Channel Settings page for that channel.

You'll see your Active Warehouse locations right underneath your Inventory Rules.

To disable a warehouse location for this channel, simply drag it over to the disabled column.

Fulfillment Priority

The order in which these warehouse locations are organized on the Channel Settings page will dictate the fulfillment priority. This means that when a new order is received, the first warehouse in the list (starting from the top) that has available inventory for the items ordered will be used.

To change the order of the warehouse locations, simply drag them up or down to the new position.

If you prefer to fulfill your orders with FBA whenever possible, drag your FBA warehouse to the first position so that it will always be used first if there is inventory available.

Assigning Warehouse Locations on Orders

Based on the priority of your warehouse locations for each channel, a warehouse location will be automatically assigned to each item in your orders.

To send an order to FBA for fulfillment, an FBA warehouse location must be assigned to the order item.

Inventory will be reserved for the order from the warehouse assigned, and will eventually be deducted from the warehouse once the order is shipped.

To change the warehouse that is assigned, simply click on the currently assigned warehouse name and change the quantity ordered to a different warehouse location in the pop up window.

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