Editing your images is very straightforward. It works by refreshing your listings with any changes you make in the Images section of your Products. There are 2 steps to edit your images in bulk:

1. Update your images

Find the product you wish to update images for in the Selling Manager. You will first update the images here, then we'll apply them to the linked listings.

Add or adjust images in bulk with a Zip file. Learn more here.

Add or adjust images in bulk with a CSV file. Learn more here.

Add or adjust images individually to your products. Learn more here.


2. Apply the Changes

Now go to your Listing Manager and find the listings you've just updated. Simply select them and hit 'Publish' located at the top of the page, and your new images will be pulled into those listings.

Once you select "Yes, Publish the Listings", your image updates will go live to all of the selected listings.

To learn more about updating images for active listings on a specific channel, select one of the links below.

Updating eBay Images

Updating Etsy Images

Updating Shopify Images

Updating BigCommerce Images

Updating WooCommerce Images

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