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New Jet listings can be created from Sellbrite, but before creating listings, it's important to understand what Templates & Recipes are and how they can help with the listing process for Jet.


Building Templates & Recipes

Listing Templates and Recipes can be found on the Settings page by clicking the Listing Templates & Recipes link on the bottom left.

There are multiple Templates you can create for Jet. If you list in the same categories repeatedly, you can create Category Templates, saving you lots of time when listing.

You can also pre-save pricing calculations within a Pricing Template, as well as general product information changes within a Title & Description Template.

Learn more about Jet Templates here.


Creating Jet Listings

Listing products to Jet is easy. You'll start by choosing the products you want to list to Jet from the Selling Manager, then click Create Listings and choose your Jet account from the list of channels.

Drafts will be created for your listings. You can apply your Templates & Recipes in bulk to your listings, or you can edit the drafts individually by clicking into each listing.

Once your draft listings are ready to publish to Jet, simply select the drafts you want to publish and select Publish at the top of the page.

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