Jet, unlike most marketplaces, allows it's Partners to set and distinguish a listing's inventory location by "Fulfillment Center." A fulfillment center in Jet can be thought of as a Warehouse location for your listings. Fulfillment centers are represented in your Jet Partner Portal as "Fulfillment Nodes."

In order for Sellbrite to sync inventory to Jet, update pricing and keep track of orders, Jet Fulfillment Nodes must be mapped to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations.

Mapping Jet Fulfillment Nodes to Sellbrite Warehouse Locations allows your Jet Fulfillment Centers and Sellbrite Warehouse Locations to stay in sync with one another.


Mapping Jet Fulfillment Nodes to Sellbrite Warehouse Locations

Mapping your Jet Fulfillment Nodes to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations is super simple!


Step 1

Go to the Listings tab, select Add/Manage Channels from the dropdown and then select Settings for your Jet channel.

At the bottom of the Jet Channel Settings page, you'll find a list of all Sellbrite Warehouse Locations you've created next to a field to enter a corresponding Jet Fulfillment Node. The following step is to login to Jet to retrieve your Fulfillment Node IDs, but if you need to create more Warehouse Locations in Sellbrite, do this first. 

Learn how to add new warehouse locations in Sellbrite here.


Step 2

Login to your Jet Partner Portal, go to Fulfillment and copy and paste your Jet Fulfillment Node IDs to their corresponding Sellbrite Warehouse Locations.

Once your Fulfillment Nodes are mapped to your Sellbrite Warehouse Locations, inventory can be imported from Jet, Inventory Sync can be turned on and Jet orders can be properly managed in Sellbrite.

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