Step 1. Create a Classroom

A Classroom represents an actual room in your campus.

Step 2. Create Subjects

The Subject can represent different values. In this step you only have to choose one name and one description.

Understanding the logic of the System on the exemple above: 

Subject = Listening, Speaking, Writing, Grammar Skills and so on.

If a student is going to enroll for a Standard Program of 15hs per week, they can choose between 3 subjects, even though this School calls it Courses.

No worries, keep going, you are getting the hang of it.. 

Step 3. Create Courses/Programs

Go back to the main menu

Step 3.1 Add Values

Important info:

  • Add more than one value for the same course for different nationalities (if needed)
  • Choose the duration type of course (hour, week, month...)
  • Unique values = system does NOT multiply
  • Enrol = is always a unique value
  • Special Rates are NOT here. You can create special rates or promotions on the main menu

Step 4. Create Classes

Its simple to understand. One Classroom, can hold more than one Class. 

For Exemple:

01 Classroom with 03 Classes

Classroom 001
Class (a) - Gerenal English Morning 15hs/pw (9:00am to 12:00pm)
Class (b) - Conversation Afternoon 15hs/pw (12:30pm to 2:00pm)
Class (c) - Gerenal English Evening 15hs/pw (5:30pm to 8:00pm)

Hope you enjoy it!

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