To send bulk quotes on Sellead you have to organize it into "quote templates" and "campaigns".

Quote Template

The difference between a Quote Templates to a Default Quote (created directly for a student) is that the Quote Template needs to be created for a nationality and not for a single student. However, the creation procedure is practically the same, taking just one step further, where a name and a nationality must be informed. 

Important: The system allows you to send a Quote Template to a single Lead without the need of creating a campaign. The only restriction is the nationality of that Lead.


A Campaign is just a group of Quotes Templates, and it also needs to be formed by sutdents from the same Nationality. 

Caracterists of this feature:

• Campaigns do not work for PDF quotes, this tool only sends the online quote link
• The system allows only one nationality per campaign
• A campaign can contain up to 150 Leads
• For each campaign submitted, the system will automatically create a new opportunity and quotes selected for each Lead participant.
• You can add new Leads to the campaign after it has been launched.
• Leads can be excluded from the campaign, but the system will retain the opportunity and quotes created for the Lead when the campaign was launched.
• The system provides metrics for each campaign to aid agency decisions. 

*This article is only intended to give you an overview of how we structure the delivery of one or more quotes to another Lead or a group of Leads. To better understand how to register your Quotes Templates and their campaigns, access the articles below:

How to Register a Quote Template

How to Register and Submit a Campaign

Hope this helps!

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