Hello, before reading this tutorial, which will explain step by step about how to register a Quote Template, I suggest you read the overview of how mass mailing by Sellead works: (asdasdasd)

Step 1

To register a new Quote Template go to [Campaigns > Quote Template] menu and click on the green button, positioned on the upper right side of the screen.

Step 2

Enter a name for the Quote Template and a nationality.

Step 3

Add items to your quote, normally. 

Important: The system will only list values for the nationality selected in the previous step. Questions on how to add items in the Quote Template? See this article: (asdasdasd)

Step 4

Review and save your Quote Template. 

Step 5 - Using your Quotes Templates


After creating your quote template you can add it to a campaign to send to a group of Leads of the same nationality at the same time or you can send it to one student at a time. To send to one student at a time simply click on the "send quote" button of the desired quote template.

Select Lead, the opportunity you want the quote to be registered at (you can create a new opportunity as well), fill in the email content with or without your templates and send to the lead by email:

Important! Quotes Templates are not sent via PDF in this tool, only through online links. 

That is it! Any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

To learn more about creating and sending campaigns, visit this article (sdasdasd).

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