Hello, before reading this tutorial, which will explain step by step how to register and submit a Campaign, I suggest you read the overview of how mass mailing by Sellead works in this tutorial:


Step 1

To register a new Campaign, go to [Campaign > Manage Campaigns] menu and click on the green button, positioned on the upper right side of the screen.

Step 2 

Select the Quotes Templates (Q.T.) that will be part of your campaign. You can select as many as you want.

1 - Define a name for your campaign and select the nationality
2 - Search Q.T by name
3 - The system will list Q.T. so you can add the ones you want in your campaign.
4 - See the Q.T you've already added in this campaign.

Step 3

Select the Leads you want to send the quotes you selected in the previous step. Remembering that the system will only list the Nationality Leads that was also selected in the previous step.

1 - Use the filters to find your Leads
2 - The system will list the result of your search where you can add the Leads to the campaign.
3 - View the Leads that have already been added

Step 4

Once you've selected the Q.T and Leads for your Campaign, just send it to your Leads by email via Sellead.

Important! Do not forget to configure your corporate email SMTP in your user settings before sending, otherwise the emails will be sent by contato@sellead.com.

Campaign Tool Features

· Campaigns do not work for PDF quotations, this tool only sends the online quote link to the Leads.
· The system allows only one nationality per campaign.
· A campaign can contain up to 150 Leads.
· For each campaign submitted, the system will automatically create a new opportunity and the budgets selected for each Lead participant.
· You can add new Leads to the campaign after it's launched.
· The system provides metrics for each campaign to aid agency decisions.

Step 5 - Campaign Interactions Already Created / Posted

After submitting a Campaign, you can: 

· Include New Campaign Leads.
· Exclude Campaign Leads. The system will retain the opportunity and budgets created for Lead when the campaign was launched.
· Resend e-mail quotes to all leads.
· Resend quotes to a specific lead.
· View campaign results: conversion rate (quotes that have been marked as sold) and trading tracking (quotations accepted, denied, and submitted).

Ready! Now you can start building your campaigns and streamline your day-to-day life using Sellead. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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