1. Step

Go to Google Form and create an online form with every information you´d like to collect.

2. Step

Add at least one answare to your form and after that, click to view responses in sheets.
The spreadsheet created is the file you need to turn on your Zap.

3. Step 

Go to you Zapier account and Make a Zap.

  • Select Google Forms
  • Choose New Response in Spreadsheet
  • Select a Google Account
  • Set up Google Response Form (check step 2)
  • Select Sellead
  • In Select Sellead Action, choose create a new student.

**If your student is already in the system, we will just update fields missing.

  • Link your Sellead account. You can find your token in settigns, integrations, zapier. 
  • This is the most important task, now you should relate every single line with your spreadsheet. 

That is it. You can send your personalized Google Form and get responses straight to Sellead. 

You can also generate automated contracts with the same information. 

Awesome, don´t you think?

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