In this tutorial you will learn how to speed up your commission calculation process by adding a commission rule to a partner!

To learn how to create a commission, click here.

Here we go!

Step 1 - Access

In the sidebar menu, click on Partners > Partners List

Your Sellead will present a list with all your added partners. 

To add a commission to a partner, click on the gear icon in the side of the intended partner.

Step 2 - Defining Commissions

A window will open and you can add as many commissions as you want.

To add them, press Select and a list with all the commissions created by you in our system will appear. Click on the wanted commission and then Add Rule

If you want do add another commission to the same partner, just repeat this procedure, now selecting a different commission.

Your commissions will appear below, in the same window.

Step 3 - Editing Commissions

If you want to personalize the commission to a specific partner, click on the settings gear:

The edition window will open and now you can:

1 - Define the commission percentage to offices/main office

2 - Define the commission distribution to Offices(1) and Users(2)

Click the edit button. A window will open and then you'll be able to set up the desired value. Then, just click check (3).

Now, just click the Close button and it's ready. You added a commission to your partner!


Every time the partner you added a commission is used in a quote, you can see the commission in the quote by clicking the View my commissions button.

Click here to learn how these commissions appear in you financial.

Done! Now you know how to add a commission to a partner!

Good Sales! (:

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