Hello! In this article you'll learn how to create a quote, adding a school, a course, an accommodation and a fee!

With Ally you can create complete quotes easily and faster. You'll can personalize it as your own way! Come with us and boost your sales!

Step 1 - Access

You have 3 ways to start creating a new quote:

1 - Clicking Add > New Quote
2 - Clicking Quote > Quotes > New Quote
3 - Going to Quotes and Links tab on student profile and clicking New Quote

Once that is done, you will be taken to the quote creation screen;

Here, you can change the Due Date, add Courses, Accommodations, Fees, Others, and Experiences.

Step 2 - Adding Courses

To add a course, just click on "courses":

A window where you can add all desired courses will open. Choose the desired school and course, search and click the "+" button to add the course to the budget, after which click proceed.

Step 3 - Adding Accommodations

To add accommodations to the quote it will be almost the same of adding a course, just click on "accommodations" first:

Another window with accommodation options will also open. Use the filters to do the search and then click the "+" button in front of the desired option to add to the budget, after this click on proceed:


If you have already added a course, our filter of accommodation will be shown with some ready information, such as name of school and city of the course. 

Step 4 - Adding Fees 

To add a fee, click on Fees:

A menu that looks like the courses and accommodations ones will open. Click then on the "+" button in front of the desired option, and then click on proceed. 


Such as in accommodation, the name of the school and the city related with the course will be shown automatically in your search filters to make your search easier!

Step 5 - Adding another fee/discount

If you want to add another fee such as a tax or a discount that is not already add in our system in can do it clicking on "Others": 

A window will open, where you will be able to: 

1 - Choose if it will be a tax or a discount
2 - Write an description of what the fee is about
3 - Add in which currencie the fee/discount is and the value

Click on "Add to quote" and it's done! 

Step 6 - Adding an Experience

To add an experience to your quote, click on "Experiences"

A window will open showing all the experiences that you have already add. Click on "Add" in the experience that you want and after click on proceed:

That's it! Your experience will be added.

To understand better how to configure a experience click here!

Step 7 - Final of the first steps

The first steps of your quote are done! To continue and go to the next steps, just click on "Proceed" in the end of the window: 

The initial stage of your budget is now complete! If everything is OK, you can still change the currency exchange.

To continue and go to the next step, just scroll to the homepage and click proceed at the end:

Now you need to add the payment method, let's go?

Step 8 - Adding the payment method

After clicking proceed you will be taken to the Summary page, where all quote financial information will be present such as currencies, tuition and material price and so on.

From the summary you can add the payment method you want by selecting the amount of installments and how the payment will be made (credit card, cash, etc.).

Enter the option you prefer and click to save:

To know more about how to add a method of payment, click here!

If you wish, it is possible too to add a description to your quote. Click on "Save":

And voilá! Your quote is complete and ready to be sent and sold to your client!


You also can save as a Template to use this same quote to others students, Save and Send PDF and Save and create more, or if you forgot something you can come back clicking on Back to Edit (but your payment plan will be lost).

To understand how to send this quote online, click here!

Cool! Now you already know how to create a quote!

Any doubts? Ask us at the chat!

Good Luck and Sales! :D

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