You may have wondered what your role allows you to do in Sellead system, right?

This tutorial comes to clarify doubts about what each role is and what it is possible to perform in the system according to the role one has.

There are 5 different roles: User, User Plus, Office Admin, Manager and Agency Admin.

To see details about what actions may be performed by each role, click here!


It is the most basic access level. Has more restricted features, being a user directed almost exclusively for sale. It can:

  • Add Students
  • Create Quotes
  • Create Quote Templates
  • Create Campaigns
  • Create Payment Plans

However, your ability to edit information is limited to what the user has created or added to the system. It is generally used for consultants who only participate in the sales process.

User Plus

A User Plus can perform the same actions as a User, with the difference that it can access information from others. This allows a greater ability to edit information. One can change other users' Students, Quotes, Campaigns and Payment Plans as long as they belong to the same office.

In addition, can perform extra actions such as:

  • Create Experience
  • Create Partner
  • Create Fee
  • Create Accommodation
  • Create School
  • Create Campus
  • Create Courses
  • Create Special Rates
  • Create Demands

Used by consultants who in addition to the sales process, participate in the organization of the agency.

Office Admin

An Office Admin can perform the same actions as a User Plus, except that it has permission to edit settings informations such as:

  • Create Bills and Receivables
  • Use Sellead Pay
  • Create Currencies
  • Create Pipeline Status
  • Edit Preferences
  • Export Reports

The only thing is that its performance is restricted to the office to which it belongs, and can not make any changes in other offices. 

It is usually used by agencies that have more than one unit to designate the manager responsible for a particular branch office.


It is the "all-seeing eye." The Manager can perform the same sales actions of the previous roles for all the offices with some additional functions like capacity of:

  • Validate Courses
  • Validate Fees
  • Validate Accommodations
  • Change between offices
  • Export Agency Reports

It is a more financial-control role, so some settings related to Pipeline Organization and Preferences Creation can not be performed.

Agencies typically create a Manager when their accountability is done by a single person across the agency other than the primary manager.

Agency Admin

This is the "Big Boss" of Sellead. You can perform any function present on the system for any office, as well as being able to configure critical agency information such as:

  • Add Bank Account
  • Create or Delete Offices
  • Create and Edit Users
  • Create Email Templates
  • Create Contracts
  • Perform Boleto Simples, SMTP and RD Station Integrations.

He is the main manager of the agency.

IMPORTANT! There is no user limit allowed per role. That is, if you want to put all your users as Agency Admin for example, you can!

Review the structure of your agency and define your users according to the level of permission that is most convenient for you.

Want to visualize in detail what each function can do within Sellead? Click here!

Now you know exactly what each user role does and can properly organize your agency!

Any questions, call us on the chat.

A hug and good sales! (:

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