In this tutorial you will learn how to use our search filters and edit preferences while adding a course to your quote.

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Step 1 - Using the Search Filters

When adding a course to a quote, you have to search for the desired course first.

If you have set quote preferences at settings, fields 1, 2 and 3 will be already filled.

Learn more about quote preferences clicking here.

1 - Select Country
2 - Select City: if you already picked a country, it will only show cities of the chosen country.
3 - Select School: this box will suggest schools vinculated to your agency. Also, if you selected a city, country or both, the school field will only show the vinculated schools that have campus in the selected country or city.
4 - Course Name: it works like Select School field, you can filter all the courses with the name "General English" in your vinculated schools located in London, for example.
Tip: The courses names usually include the number of lessons and periods, try using them to improve your search.
5 - Enrol Date: look for courses that start in a specific date.
6 - Show Advanced Search: see more filters.
7 - Search Button: after filling the desired fields, you have to click here to do your search.
8 - Clear: clean all the search fields

Advanced Search

You can use these fields to narrow your search.

1 - Course Periods: choose the kind of period you want
2 - Period Quantity: set a number of periods
3 - Course Price: set the minimum and maximum price of the course without material and enrollment.
4 - Only with Promotion: select this option to show only courses with special rates.

Step 2 - Courses Result List

After you click on the Search Button, it will appear a list with courses that correspond to your search. 

Now you just inform the period the student wants to study and click [+] to add this course to your quote.

Note: in some cases, the system does not ask for the period, because the course has a fixed value.

1 - Total: click to organize courses by value
2 - School Name - Campus Name
3 - Course Name:
click to see details about prices
4 - Last Update: when the course value was updated
5 - Agency Validation: when the values were validated by the agency
6 - Shelf Life: when the courses values expire. Note: if its orange, the values are future, if it is red, the values are expired.
7 - Duration: inform how many periods you want
8 - Total Value: how much will cost this course considering the informed periods. If it's blue, this course has special rates. Note: this value doesn't consider enrollment or material.
9 - Course Description: details about the course
10 - Add to Quote

After selecting the courses you want to add to the quote, press Proceed to continue the process. 

Step 3 - Course Added to the Quote

Done! After you click Proceed the search box will be closed and you will see the selected courses in your quote. Now you can perform the following actions:

1 - Change course duration
2 - Define Start Date: the system suggests the date informed in the search box as start date.
3 - End Date: once you put the start date, the system calculates the end date automatically. Be careful with breaks!
4 - Enrol and Material: you can choose if you will apply enrol and material values or not. Usually used when there are 2 or more courses of the same school in the quote.
5 - Special Rate: the system shows information about the special rate applied to this course. You can also choose if you will apply or not this special rate.
6 - Discard this course: removes the course from the quote.


Now you know everything about adding a course to a quote!

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