Don't know how to create a quote? Learn here!

To add an accommodation to a quote, click on "Accommodations" at the quote menu:

Use the window that will open to search the wanted one.

Understanding the itens on your window

  1. Select what kind of accommodation provider do you want to search: "Schools", "My Own" or "Special";
  2. Use the form to search an accommodation of the chosen provider;
  3. List with all the results;
  4. Legend that indicates the colors of the accommodations with expired values or future values.

Kind of Providers

  • Schools: Accommodations of schools offered on the Sellead Base;
  • My Own: Accommodations added by your the agency;
  • Special: Partners of Sellead that provides accommodations


Use the spaces Country, City, School/Partner, Accommodation Name, Room type and Regime to search for your accommodation.

The only information that differs from the others is the School/Partner one. In "My Own" window the partners are the ones added by your agency and at the "Special" one they are provided by Sellead.

List Itens

To add the accommodation, select the number of periods (weeks, days, months etc.) and then click on the green button "+".

At this window you will be able to add as many accommodations as you want in your quote. At the end, click on the button "Proceed"


Now you already know how to add accommodations to your quotes! 

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Good Luck! :)

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