In this tutorial you will learn how to create a link to send your quotes.

It is a useful tool because it makes possible for the student to compare values and interact with the quote.

This tutorial will be divided in 2 parts, the first for who uses Quotes organized by Opportunities and the second for who uses the Quotes System.

If you want to know how to create an opportunity click here.To learn how to create a quote, click here.

Option 1 - Quotes organized by Opportunity

Step 1 - Access

Find the opportunity you want clicking Opportunities > Opportunities List.

After you selected an opportunity, you can create a quote link by clicking Create Quote Link.

Step 2 - Selecting Quotes

A textbox will open listing the quotes created for this opportunity. Select the ones you want and click Create Link

Step 3 - Link Options

You will see the link you created in the tab Quote Online, and there are 4 options:

1 - View: visualize how the quote will appear when the student opens it
2 - Analytics:
see details about the quote
3 - Send Link:
will send an email with the link to the student through Sellead system
4 - Delete:
will exclude the quote link

Step 4 - Create a Link in Student's Profile

If you already created an opportunity and a quote for a student, you can create the link in his/her profile.

Click Students > Leads List and find the student you want to create the quote link.

Click Opportunities (1) find the one you want and click New Link (2)

You will see a list of all quotes created for this opportunity, select those you want and click Create Link.

Done! Your link will appear below "Links" and you can perform all the actions from the previous step by clicking on the gear icon (3) beside the link.

Option 2 - Quotes System

Step 1 - Access

Click on Quotes > New Quote Link

Step 2 - Selecting Student and Quotes

In this screen you will:

1 - Select the student and click search
2 - Select the quotes
3 - Click Create Link

After that, you will be redirected to this student's profile.

Step 3 - Student's Profile

The created link will appear in this student's profile in the tab Quotes and Links, below "Links".

Here you can:

1 - Create a new link
2 - Clicking on the gear icon there are 4 options: View Link, Analytics, Send Link and Delete Link.

Done! Now you know how to create a quote link! 

In case of any doubts or suggestions, call us on chat.

Have a nice time and good sales!

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