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In this article you will learn how to set up the value of your currencies to one or more offices at the same time besides some tricks with this tool.

To manage your currencies, click on the settings icon at the top of your window:

Now, at the lateral menu, click on Financial > Currencies 

Adding currencies to your account

By default the system shows the 10 market principal currencies, and the manage as manual.

If you want to use api currency, you just need to select the between the options Central Bank of Brazil, European Central Bank or the Sellead Pay:

The Sellead pay option is the best because we offer the best rate for you.

You can also set up a spread over your currency value clicking on "edit" beside the Spread button and define a API update time according to your office hours, clicking on "edit" beside the API Update Time.

Other tools 

1 - 

If you want to add a different currency you can do it manually.

To do it click on "Add New Currency Rule", choose the wanted one, put the value and then click on the green button "Add Rule".

2 -

If all of your offices have the same currency preferences, you can set up de currencies in one of them and then import from other office clicking on the blue button "Import currencies from other office".

3 - 

If you have different spreads to different currencies, you can edit one by one clicking on the edit button.


  • It is important to know that all the defined values make reference to the currency of your office. 

Cool! Now you know how to configure your currency options.

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