Learn in this article how to set up your payment methods in a fast and easy way. 

The system already brings you some previous methods, that can't be deleted or edited.

It is important to know too that these methods don't have interest or fees added to it's installments.

First Step - Access

To have de access, click on:
 [1] [Settings] > [2] [Financial] > [3] [Payment methods]

Second Step - Understanding the tool

The objetive of the tool is to adapt your and your clients necessities. All the methods added (and the previous ones) will be shown to you in a list:

To add a new method, click on [1] New Method

To view, edit or delete a method already created click on the respective buttons [3].

Setting Up your Payment Methods

To begin click on the green button [New Method].

A window will open where you will be able to add all the necessary informations to create a new method.

Now let's understand how to add the informations of your payment plan:

1 - Name: This will be your payment plan name, so put a name that describes it to know after to what it refers.

2 - Payment method for: Here is possible to select the office where this method will be available.

3 - Type: Select if the payment will be made in debit or credit.

4 - Discount: It is possible to save a fixed discount to be applied together with the payment method. This discount will be applied on the total value before the interests conditions and will be in percentage.

5 - Days to receive: Normally accounts in credit are pre-dated to 30 future days. However on Sellead you can edit this dates. 

6 - Type of interest rate: This option need a special attention:

6.1 - Simple Interest 

This kind of interest will be applied fixed on the initial value of the sale. 

6.2 - Compound Interest 

This kind of interest works as the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit or in other words: interest on interest.

6.3 - Future Value Interest 

This option calculares the payment with compounded periods with fixed interests, income and initial value to determine the periodic payments. 

6.4 - Coefficient Interest 

The calculus of the coefficient interest has two variables: the interest rate and the number of periods of the operation. 

6.5 - Without Interest

Without interest rates applied.

7 - Max. Instalments*

The maximum number of installments of the payment method. It is possible to configure different rates to each installment or add a fixed value to individual installments (*9).

8 - Advanced options

Here you will be able to antecipate instalments and make fixed the number os instalments in the payment!

*9 - Define

This button shows how much customized this tool can be.
Here you will be able to separate and edit rates according to the number of installments when the installment options are opened in the quote.

It is possible to choose between percentage or fixed value. 

  1. Instalments: Which installment the rate will be applied. 
  2. Monthly Interest: Defines the interest rate to each installment.
  3. Flat Rate: Fixed or percentage rate to be added to the installment value. (Important: the value here is added before the applying of the interests added on the "Monthly Interest" place)
  4. Flat Rate Type: Defines if the informed value on the "Flat Rate" place is on percentage or is a Fixed and Unique Value.

After added all the informations, click on "Save Method" and that's it! It will be available to be used when you select the payment plan on your quote. 

Cool! Now you already know how to configure your payment methods! 

Any doubts? Ask us in chat!

Good Luck :)

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