Creating your own school you will have the autonomy of edit all the informations and values how many times you need.

Another option is to duplicate a school from sellead, with all the Sellead added informations.

Step 1 - Access

To have the access , click on (1) List of values > (2) Schools and Courses.

A window where all the schools of our base that you created will open.

Step 2 - Adding information

To add a school click on the green button [Add my own school] and a window will open for you to add all the information:

After the window open, fill the spaces:  

  • School Name: In our base all the names of the schools are standardized. The initials came first with caps look and then the full name. Ex: XXX – School name;
  • School logo: upload the image with the school logo.
  • Quote online banner: make the upload of the image that will be shown in the quote online to the student.
  • Description: do a description about the school. It can be in english, portuguese and/or spanish.

Step 3 - Create the school 

After finishing filling the blanks click on the green button "Create School".

After finishing the creation an image will be shown with the message "Good Job!" and your school will be created.

Find the school

To find the schools that you created go to the search space and write the name of that school.

All the schools that you create will be shown with "My school" on top. 

It is also possible to find it clicking on "My Schools":

Editing the school

If you need you can edit the information clicking on the blue pencil in front of the school name.

A window will open where you will be able to edit all the information.


  • When you create the school the system automatically creates a partner that will be available in the Partners > Partners list tab.
  • If you delete a school that you created it wont be possible to have the access to the information added anymore. Only the quotes that were already made, the fees and the accommodation will be still available.
  • If you want to delete the accommodations or the fees go to Partners > My accommodations or My fees. 

Click here to understand how to create a campus.

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All the best! :)

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