When you duplicate a school from our system, it has a "My School" flag and you can edit information and values at any time.

To duplicate a School it must have already been inserted into the system by our base.

Step 1 - Access

Click on Quote > Educational Institutions

Step 2 - Duplicate School

It is necessary to have a relation to duplicate the desired school. After finding the School you need to go to the right side of the screen and click the button with a gear and choose Duplicate School.

Note that the school now has the "My School" flag after it has doubled to its base.

We recommend that you remove the relation from the previous school after the desired edits have been made, otherwise you will have two equal schools in your course list when creating a quote. To do this click the red "remove relation" button on the right side of the screen and remove the previous link without risk of losing any information.

Step 3 - Editing the School

This way you will have duplicated all the information, campus, courses and values previously registered and you can change them whenever you want. To edit information click the gear and select Edit School.

We hope the information has been helpful.

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