To generate an invoice you must define your quotes as "sold". Otherwise it won't be possible to make an invoice for that quote.

Follow this step by step:

Step 1 - Access

In the side menu, click ok Financial > Receivable

Step 2 - Finding the quote

Use our filters to find the quote that you want to make the invoice and click on "+ Invoice" button:

Step 3 - Generating the Invoice

An window will open where you will be able to fill the blanks with all the information:

1 - Invoice Note: write information about this invoice
2 - Show Bank Account:
active or not the option to show your bank account
3 - Select Bank Account:
select your bank account
4 - Tax Name:
If there is some tax, put it's name here
5 - Tax Value:
Write the tax's percentual value

After finishing all that just click on "Generate".

Step 4 - Invoice Options

After creating the invoice, you will have some disponible actions: 

Move to 'Paid': confirm that this invoice was paid
View Quote Items:
view the items that are in your quote
Edit Description:
change the invoice's name
Edit Due Date:
change the quote's due date
Manage Files:
add or delete invoice's files
Edit Invoice:
edit invoice's information
Send Invoice:
send invoice by email
Delete Instalment:
exclude this invoice

Step 5 - Sending invoice

To send an invoice, click on the gear button and select the "Send Invoice" option:

After that you will see this window:

1 - Mail To: fill with the student's email
2 - BCC: send a hidden copy  
3 - Subject: Fill with the email's subject
4 - Email Template: select an email template that will be shown the student with the invoice's link
5 - Upload File: add an file to this email
6 - New Attach File: add another file to this quote

Step 6 - Defining an invoice as paid

After receiving the value and defining the invoice as paid you will notice that there is the receivable value that will be add to your choosed bank account. You will be able to consult it on Financial > Resume:

Cool! Now you already know how to control you bank account, receivable and bill :)

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Good luck!

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