The pipeline is nothing more than a mapping of steps and processes that must be done with your client, from the moment he contacts the company until the closing or not of the exchange.

The Ally tool allows you to create each step of that funnel, and categorize your leads according to the sales pitch it is in.

It is possible to do more than one pipeline, in order to organize by type of service, process (pre-sale and post sale), have a personal pipeline, among other examples!

This way, you can organize more, offer a better service and invest your time in what really matters that is to prospect more customers!

Let's go?!

Step 1 - Access 

To configure your pipeline, click Settings > Pipelines

Step 2 -  Setting up your Pipeline

To add a pipeline, click the green Add Pipeline button:

After creating a pipeline, it will appear in your list of pipelines, where you can add a status by clicking on the New status button:

In this place you can create as many statuses as you need! Here's an example:

The checkpoints will appear within the profile of each student, and can be marked as completed.

Each status may have a list of different checkpoints.The system allows you to create several different pipelines, to allow you to map your processes completely! Here is an example of multiple pipelines:

Step 3 - Adding Status to Your Student

Now that your pipeline is already set up, let's add your students to it through the status.

  • In the student's profile: 
  • In the Leads list:

Go to CRM > Students

Step 4 - Consulting Your Pipeline

After you've set up your pipelines and added your students to them, you can have control of all processes accessing your pipeline.

To access, click CRM > Pipeline.

Here you'll be able to filter the pipeline you want and the information of the students you want to look for, as well as an overview of what parts of the process your students are in:


You can drag a student from one status to another within the pipeline itself! To do this simply click and drag:

Done! Now you already know how to create a pipeline and organize yourself so you won't miss any more sales chances!

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Great sales and good luck!

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