In this topic we will teach you how to create a course, add your values and edit them in the future when necessary.

To perform this action you must have already created a campus in a created or duplicated a School from our base.

Step 1 - Access

Access the School and Courses menu by accessing the Price Lists > Schools and Courses

Step 2 - School and Campus

Identify the School and campus to which you want to add the course. 

1 - Click the School name to open the listing with the added campuses.
2 - Click on the name of the Campus that will have the courses added

Step 3 - Information tab

Clicking on campus will open a screen containing the list of courses added or duplicated with the School.

To add a new course, simply click the green button Add Course in the upper corner of the screen.

Step 4 - Add information

When you open "Add Course" you will be presented with a screen that will ask for information about the course and its values for this course.

Fill in all required fields. Remember that fields with * are required.

Step 5 - Create Course

After registering the information and entering the values referring to the course, you will see in the right of the screen the result of how the values are. 

Then just click on Create Course

Step 6 - Edit Course

To edit any information, value, commission or even delete the course just click on the edit boxes on the right side of the course screen.


The currency that has been registered for the campus must be kept for the respective courses. Otherwise it may lead to divergence when making the quotation.

We hope the information has been helpful.

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