Did not understand why one of your quotes changes the status to sent when you create a link? Or do you have questions about the difference between accepted and sold?

You will learn everything you need to know about quote status in this tutorial.

They are a way for you to keep track of your student's attendance. Each symbolizes a different interaction with our system.

There are 5 different statuses, see what each one means:

New - Quote that has just been created and has not yet been sent to the student.

Sent - If you have clicked on the Send PDF option or created an online link with this quote, it changes its status to sent, implying that you did not create this link unnecessarily. Despite the status change, it has not yet been sent to the student, so it is necessary to send the link for this to happen.

Accepted - Students can interact with the quotes you send by link. If one clicks the "Like" button in the quote, the status changes to Accepted and you will receive a notification. It's a way for you to control what interests your students.

Denied - If one clicks the "Dislike" button, the status will change to Denied and you will receive a notification.

Sold - Quotes marked as Accepted may have their status changed to Sold. This enables you to obtain data on your sales performance and, if your quote has a payment plan, control the receivables in Financial.

If you wish, you can change the status of a budget at any time by simply clicking the icon with a gear and selecting the desired status.

Doubts about the Financial? Click here to learn how to create a Payment Plan.

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