The quickest way to find any student you want is by searching his/her name in student shortcut.

For a more complete listing, click on CRM > Students

You can view different tabs based on your access level.

"My Students" for users, "My Students" and "Office Students" for users plus and offices admin and these two tabs + "All Students" for managers and agency admins.

Use the filters to select the desired students based on name, email, code, phone, tag, nationality, office where you are registered, responsible agent, pipeline, status, perception, canceled leads and leads that have flight or not.

The filters available for search will vary according to the tab you are using.

You can also use advanced filters to filter by course start date, visa expiration, health insurance expiration, OSHC expiration, passport expiration, and creation date.

To facilitate, you can still organize the list in ascending or descending order based on student code, creation date, course start date, country, email, name and date of last interaction.

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